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On July 12, several people came together to chat about the PLG-GTA and, in particular, the recent move from PLG-Edmonton to dissolve. We discussed the relative merits and drawbacks of our own official affiliation to the larger PLG group. The drawbacks were namely the bureaucracy of paying dues (lack of clarity - how many of us are there? am I current in my membership?), and erratic nature of the journal our dues are meant to support. The benefits named were mainly the affiliation with the larger umbrella group, the chance to tap into a larger network with a long history, and the (infrequent) receipt of a journal.

We did not come to any conclusions, only crafted a series of questions to ponder. What do we do now? What do we want to do in the future? What/who do we want to be? Do we need affiliation? If so, does it have to with PLG? Could it be with other Canadian groups? Can/should we create something new? Align with another existing organization (i.e. Radical Librarians Collective was mentioned)? We intend to reach out to the CC to let them know that we are considering our options, and asking them to give us some feedback on what they hope to see from Canadian chapters. We have also reached out to Edmonton and London chapters via Twitter to start a dialogue.

Since then, a couple of interesting background pieces have come out from the PLG-CC:

A rebuttal regarding PLG-Edmonton dissolution

An interview with a founder of PLG on its current role in librar* activism

A September "business" meeting may be a good chance to discuss this information that has come to light and talk about what our next steps may be. We can meet at Ryerson Library to ensure we have a central welcoming space where we can all hear each other out in relative quiet and comfort. Here's a Doodle for you to fill out - everyone loves filling out Doodles!! All are welcome - whether you are a current or lapsed member, or just interested in learning more about the group - please join us. I will update this space once we have settled on a date and specific location.

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