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This is the text of a letter send to Patrick Deane, President and Vice-Chancellor of McMaster University.

November 12, 2015


Dr. Patrick Deane

President and Vice-Chancellor

McMaster University

1280 Main Street West

Hamilton, Ontario, L8S 4L8


Dear Dr. Patrick Deane:


The members of the Progressive Librarians Guild-GTA chapter wish to express their unreserved support for the members of MUALA, who are currently in a strike position. We understand that the issues, which remain unresolved, involve librarian and archivist participation in the academy as equal and valued members of the university. Issues such as collegial hiring practices, collegial self-governance, release time, academic service, work load, and fair compensation are not minor.


On the contrary, given the tension between librarians and administration at McMaster University in recent history, this latest development is demonstrative of the lack of progress that has been made in ensuring librarians and archivists are full partners in academic excellence. It is reprehensible that the McMaster University administration has not fully addressed these past wrongs. This lack of support for the important role that librarian and archivists play in the work lives of faculty and students is detrimental to the research and teaching mission of your university, as well as to its reputation. The continued persistence of the McMaster University administration to treat their librarians and archivists with such disdain is an affront to the dedication, achievement and hard work that MUALA members are known for within the community.


We call on the McMaster University administration to drop their shameful demands, and table a fair and equitable contract to MUALA. Anything less continues to demonstrate that McMaster University does not value nor grasp the critical role played by librarians and archivists in the success of the university.


With respect,


The membership of PLG-GTA
cc: Laura Banfield, President McMaster University Academic Librarians’ Association

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