Progressive Librarians Guild Toronto Area Chapter

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The PLG-GTA notes that Edwin Mellen Press has dropped the joint lawsuit against Dale Askey and McMaster University. Nevertheless, we are dismayed that a second lawsuit in which Mr. Askey is named alone remains active. The decision to back down on a suit against a large institution while continuing to pursue Mr. Askey individually leaves the PLG-GTA Chapter unmoved from our original position. It is our opinion that this lawsuit was launched as a retaliatory measure, and is an assault on freedom of expression. Furthermore, Herbert Richardson’s continuing intimidation tactics in the face of overwhelming consensus in the academic community (his own community) is despicable.

Until the second lawsuit is abandoned, we encourage the library community to continue to speak out on behalf of Dale Askey, to refrain from purchasing titles published by Edwin Mellen Press, and to actively defend the rights of free speech. We call on Herbert Richardson to exercise his own rights in responding to criticism and defending himself without resorting to what we view as a strategic lawsuit against public participation.

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