Progressive Librarians Guild Toronto Area Chapter

The PLG GTA is a chapter of the PLG and welcomes new members. Please see How to Join if you are interested.

We are Toronto-area library workers who are concerned with social justice and equality issues, charged with the stewardship of knowledge, championing open access to information, and preserving common space. We are interested in issues of freedom of expression, attacks on Canadian heritage, freedom of information, privacy, censorship, copyright, equitable access to information, the fostering of critical information literacy, and the broad social implications of the commodification of information and increasing corporate influence on libraries. As library workers, we recognize that the increasing lack of job security, de-professionalization, and casualization of our profession threatens the “free public sphere which makes an independent democratic civil society possible.

We are an alternative voice in the Canadian library community seeking to influence progressive dialogue and political action in our communities and associations.